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Please make a donation towards Ruby's veterinary care so that we can pay for her surgery to remove a damaged kidney after she was abused by humans.

Many of you have already been following the story of Ruby on our Facebook page. She was a shy, but friendly stray in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland who had the bad luck to run into the wrong group of kids. Some concerned neighborhood cat-lovers got in touch with our rescue colleague Ellen Lynch when they discovered Ruby's injuries. Ellen was able to trap Ruby and get her straight to our vet for care. We don't know exactly what the kids did to Ruby, but when she came to us, she had suffered for some time with a small chain wrapped around her neck and her front leg so that she could not touch her paw to the ground. The chain had become imbedded in her bone and required a complicated surgery to remove it that same day.

Ruby has been recovering in a loving foster home since late October. Her recovery included 6-weeks of antibiotics to prevent infection in the damaged bone, and her foster mom has spent hours teaching her to walk, play, and appreciate humans again.

Unfortunately, it has also been a bumpy ride. Once Ruby started walking again, her foster mom noticed that she had a wobbly gait. When she mentioned it to our vet, they discovered that she had a broken pelvis, which is untreatable. This week Ruby was finally scheduled to have her spay surgery, but during pre-surgery diagnostics, they discovered an enlarged and infected kidney they believe resulted from the same trauma as her broken pelvis. Further tests revealed a diagnosis of end-stage hydronephrosis of her right kidney.

The doctors have recommended removing Ruby’s kidney at the same time she is spayed, in a surgery that will cost approximately $800. The tests to diagnose the damaged kidney this past Wednesday, including an ultrasound, were also $800, and that does not include the roughly $800 we’ve already spent on the care of her injured leg.

For all these hard knocks, Ruby is still the sweetest and most loving little kitty. We believe she deserves the best, and this surgery is not elective. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation for her care. ICRA is a small, volunteer-run organization, and we care for hundreds of cats each year, so these expenditures hit us hard. Ninety-four percent of all donations go directly toward veterinary care for our cats.


Island Cat Resources and Adoption (ICRA) is an all volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of abandoned and feral (wild) cats and to educating and empowering the local community to relieve them from their plight.

We provide low-cost spay/neuter, vaccination, and medical treatment to all of our rescued cats, as well as resources for those in the community who are willing and able to assist their local cats in need.

We provide foster care for our tame or socialized rescue cats until they can be placed into quality permanent homes through our adoption program. Feral and unsocialized cats are released back to their colonies if they present a safe, managed environment under the watchful eye of a caretaker.

We continually strive to educate the local community about the responsible care and treatment of animals. Central to this effort is the promotion of spaying and neutering as the most viable and humane alternative to euthanasia for dealing with a burgeoning cat overpopulation problem.


Do you have a bit of secure outdoor space in your life for a cat or cats in need? Click here to learn more about our garden cats program.


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